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Monday, 25 July 2016

Selangor vs Kaltim Friendly

Last weekend, I participated in a friendly team match vs Kaltim, a team who travelled all the way from Indonesia with the likes of FM Rusdin Hamdani and WIM Chelsie Monica.

There were 4 teams, 3 from Malaysia and 1 from Indonesia. I was playing top board for 17CC Team A. The first day of the friendly was a double round robin Blitz ( 5 minutes ). The second day was a rapid (25 minutes each). My training partner, Wee Zhun decided to join as well to determine our progress.

I will be showing you 2 of my blitz games where I played using positional understanding and general ideas instead of calculation. I scored 6/6.

Wee Zhun also sent me 2 of his games in the rapid, vs IM Mas Hafizul and one of the Indonesian FM. Wee Zhun whose FIDE rating is only in the 1700s manage to draw with Mas and missed many wins against the Indonesian FM. A really slendid performance by him.

Click here for Lim Zhuo Ren vs Iqro Moesa (2130)

Click here for Lim Zhuo Ren vs Zaidan Zulkipli (2137)

Click here for FM Sugeng Prayitno (2329) vs Wee Zhun

Click here for Wee Zhun vs IM Mas Hafizul (2319)

It looks like the training is going well so far. I'm pretty sure Wee Zhun will be 2000+ soon.
Hope you enjoyed the games.


  1. I really enjoyed the games that were mentioned in all your links. You are truly an indeed talented person blessed with high intelligence, great sense of time calculation and wit.

  2. Thank you, I will post more games. Hopefully they will be as enjoyable as the previous ones.